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No more Murakami

Whilst sh**ting in the loo just now, I suddenly remembered part of my dream last night. It's too bizarre not to share:

There was this small elephant that was "rescued" and this guy came over to say that he was the owner and that he wanted to take the elephant away. I had to give in as I had no rights to retain the elephant and the elephant was very upset and so it walked away.

I went back to the house to look for it and saw it slumped on the floor just outside the toilet with a packet of noodles near it. I was also holding a packet of noodles/pasta and went up to the elephant to see how I could comfort it. So I asked if it wanted a bowl of noodles, to which it replied "Yes but I prefer it crispy". The last thing I remembered before waking up was cooking a bowl of tom yum noodles with the elephant standing next to me.

Tom yum noodle eating and talking elephants in my dream. There was a reason why I decided to stop reading Murakami.
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